Hi Folks,

My name is Victor GRENU aka (@zoph), Husband, Father³ 👸👸👸 and Harley Rider ✌. Living in Paris, France.

I’ve started my career in Information Technology (IT) in 2005 at Saint-Gobain as a system administrator (intern).

Currently, I’m working as a Practice Manager / Cloud Architect mainly on Amazon Web Services (AWS), designing Cloud infrastructures for my customers. I’m also leading projects: Cloud Migrations, Infrastructure Lift and Shift, Security Enhancements, Cost Saving (FinOps), Proof of Concept, Go to Cloud Strategy and Cloud Advisory.

I’ve passed several AWS Certifications:

Previously, I was Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Microsoft, where I worked for large public sector customers to assist in Microsoft Technologies deployment across organizations, and managing daily Microsoft Premier Support requests for my panel of clients.

Core Competencies: Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Operations, Service Delivery Management, Projects Management, Microsoft Technologies.

My IT journey began more than 20 years ago with an Apple Performa 5200. It’s funny to remember the specs of this computer: 75Mhz, RAM 16Mo, HD 1Go 👌. Nowadays I’m still using macOS on a daily basis.

Please find my detailed Resume on LinkedIn

On my free time, I’m a cryptocurrency, blockchain, domotics enthusiast, and an avid sunday runner.

Runs Times Distance (km)
Half-Marathon (20km de Paris, Semi de Paris/Boulogne)  5 21
TheMudday  3 13
Nike 10km Paris Centre  3 10
Paris Marathon in 2017  1 42,195

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More information about my blog’s deployment pipeline on my article.

zoph PGP : 70CD 7C74 1543 42CA