How do I prepare AWS Certifications

Actually, I’ve successfully passed the following AWS Certifications : AWS Developer Associate, AWS Architect Associate and AWS SysOps Associate.

In this post, I will show you how do I prepare for AWS Certifications.

To start, please find below the actual Certification roadmap:

AWS Roadmap

As a requirement for the professional certifications (Architect or DevOps), you will need the corresponding Associate Cert.

Why AWS Certifications ?

It is always a benefit to validate your knowledge with the official certification path form the editor, It’s a recognition for your skills like all other IT Certifications.

But, It’s also a great opportunity to level-up your income :

This article from Forbes is a little outdated (2016) but even more true today, AWS certifications are at the top 15 of IT Certifications.


Exams Length (Min) Fees Difficulty (1-5)
AWS Cloud Practitioner 90 100USD 1
AWS Architect Associate 80 150USD 2
AWS Developer Associate 80 150USD 2
AWS SysOps Associate 80 150USD 2
AWS Speciality - Security 170 300USD 3
AWS Speciality - Advanced Networking 170 300USD 3
AWS Speciality - BigData 170 300USD 3
AWS Architect Professional 170 300USD 5
AWS DevOps Professional 170 300USD 5



I’m using an e-learning platform like A Cloud Guru and I follow the corresponding certifications courses, I’m writing down all the important stuff, and exam tips. I’m comfortable with Ryan Kroonenburg courses as I’m not English native, his accent is very adequate to me.

My recommendation: get a monthly account and during your certification period stick to it. When you’re done, or no more time to learn, cancel your subscription. (this advice is not sponsored…)


Following, you will find the must-read AWS FAQ before taking exams:

Sample Questions


Certified Guys FeedBack

OpenGuide & Labs

My Tips

  • All choices may be correct, just some are more correct than others
  • Time Management is very important
  • Read the question first, and then the scenario
  • Do the labs, on your own free tiers AWS Account
  • Schedule your exam early in the morning

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